What is Unwholesome Food?

Unwholesome FoodExperts defined unwholesome food long time ago as food types that may cause harm to our bodies, more than its healthier benefits.

The main problem here is that humans love to eat, they always make different and sometimes weird recipes, to have an unusual taste or a new flavor experience.

Keeping our bodies safe and healthy requires a huge effort nowadays, processed foods are available everywhere, they are cheaper than organic food, requires the minimum amount of time to be prepared, and we are driven into consuming these food types, as we live in a fast modern world, which requires to save every single minute or effort to keep on the life`s track. Continue reading

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Cough Syrup Sundae – Are you crazy?

cough syrup sundaeThere are different kinds of treating a disease, while in the winter, a flu or cough is most common among people, and they requires a good treatment for such diseases.

Some persons are more creative than others, they tend to make unusual solutions for many things, but a cough syrup ice cream has exceeded all the limits!

While you are having a cough, your throat is infected and exposed to other infections too, and it is already on inflammable status, doctors always recommend hot drinks, and not any just hot drinks, soft herbs like anises are most recommended. But going through cold or icy treatment is definitely new. Continue reading

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Turkey + Dunkin’ Donuts = TurDunkin’

turdunkinHumans always tend to surprise themselves by making thoughtful things, which including foods, sometimes it is a matter of creativity and adventurous steps, other times it is a matter of fun!

A trend is going higher these days on making some recipes with unmixed ingredients, contrast food elements that you would not think of as a one dish, like mixing high sugar food with salty one, or by all means our main topic today the Turdunkin`.

Turdunkin` is a mixed dish combines turkey meat and the sweets used in the famous Dunkin` Donuts, two different elements that make a dish with a different taste. Continue reading

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