Turkey + Dunkin’ Donuts = TurDunkin’

turdunkinHumans always tend to surprise themselves by making thoughtful things, which including foods, sometimes it is a matter of creativity and adventurous steps, other times it is a matter of fun!

A trend is going higher these days on making some recipes with unmixed ingredients, contrast food elements that you would not think of as a one dish, like mixing high sugar food with salty one, or by all means our main topic today the Turdunkin`.

Turdunkin` is a mixed dish combines turkey meat and the sweets used in the famous Dunkin` Donuts, two different elements that make a dish with a different taste.

However this recipe is not recommended for people with high blood pressure or diabetes, the taste is different, some would accept it, while others would not even try it!

Turdunkin` would be easily defined as an unwholesome food type, due to its opposite ingredients, which are not suitable for each other, but it is also considers as a new food experience, a one you cannot imagine, eating turkey with a sweet taste is certainly different!

Let us take a further look on this different recipe, and see what it can offer, or how it can be made…

  • Covered in sprinkles, stuffed with munchkins!
Covered in sprinkles, stuffed with munchkins

Image source: Cru Café

This is a huge thing to observe, and requires a true essence of imagination, as you can see on the picture, this is a full turkey cooked with stuffed munchkins (as the makers stated), while on the same time it is covered with sweet sprinkles, we do not know exactly how this can be worked, you can check this website here for further details about the recipe, and have fun if you like!

  • Turdunkin` doughnuts with coffee gravy:
Turdunkin` doughnuts with coffee gravy

Image Source: Quirky Cookery

Another live example of the turdunkin` recipe, this time it is made with coffee gravy, also covered with sprinkles and sweet syrup, the sweet taste is all over this one, and it is also stuffed with small donuts, and other sweet elements, check out this website for further information about this dish.

  • The full recipe:

While we searched for the topic to introduce it to our readers, we have encountered a full recipe for the turdunkin` dish, although it requires a lot of efforts, and to pay high attention to the details, since you are already mixing the unmixed elements, so you ought to take care if you want to give it a try.

Unwholesome food is a website full of unusual recipes, one of them is the TurDunkin’.

Also the recipe is offered by Intractables website here.

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