Cough Syrup Sundae – Are you crazy?

cough syrup sundaeThere are different kinds of treating a disease, while in the winter, a flu or cough is most common among people, and they requires a good treatment for such diseases.

Some persons are more creative than others, they tend to make unusual solutions for many things, but a cough syrup ice cream has exceeded all the limits!

While you are having a cough, your throat is infected and exposed to other infections too, and it is already on inflammable status, doctors always recommend hot drinks, and not any just hot drinks, soft herbs like anises are most recommended. But going through cold or icy treatment is definitely new.

Let us try to have some thoughts on this different solution, to enhance our knowledge on this matter…

  • A summer breeze?

Having cough in summer is very annoying, because your body always needs cold water to endure summer heat. As a thought, the maker of this different recipe maybe was thinking to have a different approach by combining 2 solutions in 1, by eating a Sundae mixed with cough syrup, as a way to have the effect of summer breeze caused by the Ice cream, and a way for treatment on the same time for the disease.

When having a different solution everything could be possible!

  • A replacement for bad taste?

A cough syrup usually tastes bad, and it is a common feeling that is generated by most liquid medications.

Having for example a cranberries sundae mixed with a cough syrup, can be a way to reduce the bad taste, while we checked on other sites about the recipes, we have encountered some testimonials, which state that the solution have a different taste.

  • The recipe:

As much as we are considered about enhancing the readers` knowledge, but we are also very concerned about their heaths, guiding you to the recipe is just to prove the maker`s credibility, but also we always recommend you to use the usual treatment, when it comes to the matter of your health.

Having some Anises as hot drinks is a great way to treat your cough, while consulting the doctor for the right medicine will be always the right way for treatment.

So we do not recommend you to try this recipe, unless you already know its possible consequences.

Unwholesome Foods is a website that offers different unusual recipes, and solutions to try, one of them is the Cough Syrup Sundae.

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